Knowledge is Beautiful - In-Salon Education

Eufora is proud to offer globally recognized salon support systems.

From creative, technical, and business training to unparalleled leadership programs, we design education with YOU in mind. You choose the learning environment that suits your style!

Whether you are an industry veteran or new behind the chair, there is always room to grow and learn. Our pledge is to work in partnership with you to guide your personal and professional journey in this beautiful industry.


The Eufora Experience

Introduce your team to the full line of Eufora products and systems through an engaging workshop involving salon participation. Feel the difference of Eufora by experiencing the products and exploring the performance features and benefits your clients will enjoy.

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The EuforaStyle Lab

Why fit in when you can stand out? This interactive learning session gives stylists the knowledge, confidence and creative freedom to be successful using EuforaStyle products behind the chair. Get inspired with tips and tricks to design styles your guests will be proud to rock.

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Long Hairdressing

Special event hair styling no longer has to be complicated and time consuming. Find out how a twist, turn and pin can create anything from an avant-garde style to a sleek, polished romantic finish. It’s all in a system that will transform your vision into reality!

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Advanced Cutting Classes

Eufora classic and on-trend women’s cutting classes incorporate techniques taught in the Eufora Advanced Training Academy curriculum. Stylists learn contemporary, marketable cuts, and discover how to use Eufora products for exceptional results and perfect finish.

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Men's Cutting

From classic barbering to on-trend men’s styles, learn men’s cutting techniques that achieve HEROIC looks. Salon teams will also explore best practices in men’s grooming services, and treatment of hair and scalp concerns using Eufora Hero for Men. Essential for any salon interested in attracting and keeping a male clientele.

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The Collection

Learn to execute the color and cutting techniques featured in the latest Eufora Collection!

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Introduction to EuforaColor™

The foundation of any great color formulation is a solid understanding of color theory. Stylists will experience the limitless possibilities of EuforaColor as they learn how to use the laws of color theory to create signature formulations. Stylists will discover how to conduct a comprehensive color consultation, and a EuforaColor placement technique will be demonstrated on a live model.

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EuforaColor™ Insight

Learn to think in formulations and not formulas. With the expertise of a certified EuforaColor Expert, you will regain your sense of artistry and passion by formulating custom colors and experiencing first-hand the power and creative possibilities of using a true artist’s palette. 88 tubes and 5 developers are all you need to achieve any desired outcome with unparalleled vibrancy, softness and shine.

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EuforaColor™ Discovery

Discover the unlimited formulation possibilities of EuforaColor during this interactive, hands-on swatching workshop! Have you ever wondered what makes up the background for the natural series? How saturated is the coverage? Are the reds true…or do they have a pink undertone? Uncover the answers to these questions and more as you create your own swatches and then analyze the results with a EuforaColor trainer. Bring your creative eye for color and join us for an interactive, real-time EuforaColor Discovery learning experience!

(Also Available Virtually)

Art of Grey Coverage

At the heart of every great color business is the art of successful grey coverage. This class is designed to give creative and technical confidence for mastering this color service. With the award-winning grey coverage of EuforaColor, stylists will:

  • Learn how to strategically customize formulations using EuforaColor
  • Discover how to control warmth while covering grey
  • Successfully design formulations for resistant grey hair

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Color Correction

This comprehensive class will walk you through the most common challenges faced by colorists each and every day. In this class, stylists will explore proven systems and techniques to confidently diagnose and formulate any corrective service.

Radiant Reds

Radiant Reds turn heads! Understand how to create eye-catching and unforgettable reds that will set you apart from the competition. In this class, stylists will:

  • Explore the power of the EuforaColor palette along with the limitless options for customizing warm and cool red tones
  • Learn to formulate the full spectrum of reds from natural to bold creations
  • Discover how to achieve long-lasting results

(Also Available Virtually)

Beautiful Blondes

This class will provide artistic insight as well as critical theory behind creation of beautiful EuforaColor Blondes. Stylists will:

  • Learn how to customize formulations for the full spectrum of blonde creations
  • Explore techniques for generating bright, bold blonde statements using EuforaColor
  • Master the art of toning

(Also Available Virtually)

Bold Brunettes

Creating Brunettes is all about understanding shade behavior and utilizing the full spectrum of the EuforaColor palette. In this class, stylists will:

  • Learn how to adjust tonal reflection
  • Discover how to balance, enhance, or neutralize the natural underlying pigment to create precision formulations
  • Explore how to create beautiful results utilizing EuforaColor Creative Pigments and Intensifiers

(Also Available Virtually)

Color Vision

This seasonal class explores the latest color trends and techniques. Whether inspired by nature or the latest fashions from the runway, this class will provide colorists with wearable, on-trend looks that keep guests coming back for more.

(Also Available Virtually)

Balayage and Beyond

For the color artist who appreciates the traditional techniques of Balayage but is eager to discover new techniques and placements. This class will take you through advanced color placement and techniques to incorporate immediately behind your chair. Work with the team to gain insight as to what you can do to avoid the pitfalls of Balayage and begin to explore the entire treasure chest of techniques at your fingertips.

(Also Available Virtually)

Eight Steps to Financial Success

This proven systematic strategy developed by Eufora co-founder, Don Bewley, initiates conversation and success in the salon. This stylist to stylist, interactive class demonstrates how mastering the Eight Steps can boost your salon’s professionalism, priorities, and profit!

(Also Available Virtually)

Building Your Best Life

Building your Best Life will set the foundation you need to have a clear focus and give you tools to lead yourself in the right direction. Leave with the inspiration, focus and drive to set new goals, define an action plan, and begin moving toward your best life. Balanced individuals are positive, focused and action-oriented team members!

(Also Available Virtually)

Building Your Brand

Building Your Brand will show you how creating a strong personal brand can greatly impact your success in a variety of ways. Learn how to establish a Salon brand that encourages both guest loyalty and trust. Once established, these two powerful guest emotions give your team the ability to achieve greater influence, thus inspiring your guests to become raving fan of each individual in the salon.

(Also Available Virtually)

Building Your Culture

Building Your Culture will create an opportunity for salon teams to build a structure for what their daily life inside the salon will look like. Defining the common values and behaviors of your salon will provide a clear guide for all team members to follow and be accountable to. Great cultures build great companies, where everyone is on the same page, with a fulfilling daily work life and high performance. Learn the power of living as one unit, and what it can do for your salon and every person in it.

Building Your Exceptional Salon

Building Your Exceptional Salon delivers a proven system to achieve record setting and award-winning success levels within the salon. Teams will take a journey together to discover how to deliver an exceptional service, every guest, every time. Through applying what you learn, you will earn elevated levels of trust from your Salon guests and financial success beyond what you ever believed was possible. Become an industry-leading, next-level salon professional team by Building Your Exceptional Salon.

(Also Available Virtually)

Building Your Business

Building Your Business will give you tools to achieve both your salons and your own financial goals behind the chair. By understanding where you currently are, and where you want to go, you will be able to create a simple plan for success. Learn to love your numbers, and how you can use them for personal growth and salon goals.

The Profitable Consultation

The Profitable Consultation will provide a clear path to create a plan and the consistency necessary through consultations to increase financial success as a hairstylist behind the chair. Through a clear system to create the ultimate consultation, increase pre-booking, service, and retail sales, you will begin to establish the habits needed to grow your business behind the chair.

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