Live Your Art - In-Market Education

As artists, devoting time for inspiration is essential.

Go on a journey to ignite your passion for conceptual and artistic design. Be empowered to think different as you explore your art.

The Eufora Live Your Art series cultivates color, styling and technical haircutting skills while feeding the stylist’s creative soul. Each class has been carefully crafted to create an elevated learning experience that includes a combination of theory, live demonstrations and hands-on workshops taught by Eufora National Trainers.



Short Haircutting

To master modern short haircutting, artists need a complete understanding of advanced, precision haircutting, the skills to use specific cutting tools correctly and the ability to think differently. Leave with the knowledge, skills and confidence needed to master short hair.

Artist Outcomes:

  • Precision scissor cutting
  • Skills to design custom texture with a razor & texture shears
  • How to balance or accentuate the natural head shape
  • Adapting elevation, over direction & sectioning to suit head and face shape.
  • Understanding when and why to use connection and blending vs. disconnection
  • Versatile styling & finishing

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Advanced Haircutting

Discover and master a technique driven approach to cutting. This dynamic and advanced system will give you the creative freedom to design the perfect cut, for every client.

Artist Outcomes:

  • Design the right cut for every client by mapping it out
  • Manage lines to manipulate shape and texture
  • Achieve movement and create balance with the use of creative cutting tools
  • Ergonomic hand & body positioning

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Creative Haircutting

As Artists, devoting time for inspiration is essential. Go on a journey to ignite your passion for conceptual and artistic design. Be empowered to think different as you explore your art.

Artist Outcomes:

  • Use inspiration and imagination to create original cuts
  • Free hand cutting designed to train your eye
  • Master innovative techniques using creative cutting tools

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Textured Haircutting

Cutting textured hair demands a unique and inspired approach. Master the skills, techniques and tools needed to design your client’s cut while utilizing their unique texture pattern.

Artist Outcomes:

  • In-depth visual theory behind textured haircutting
  • How to treat the fabric of curly vs. wavy or kinky hair
  • Cutting systems and techniques that provoke volume,
    movement and texture
  • Understanding the importance of shape and how to create

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Trend Haircutting

The Eufora Seasonal Trend Collection brings beauty from the influencers and trend makers around the world to inspire stylists behind the chair. Be creatively inspired as you learn new techniques to transform the latest trends from runway to real way.

Artist Outcomes:

  • Master fresh cutting techniques
  • Be creatively inspired
  • Transforming runway inspiration for wearable client looks

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Long Hairdressing

Increase your confidence, speed and accuracy when it comes to designing and executing upswept hair. From organic, lived in looks to structured, classic styles, you’ll master techniques that give you the creative freedom to design styles your guests will be proud to rock.

Artist Outcomes:

  • Confidence to style hair up with ease
  • A systematic approach to working smarter, not harder
  • Braiding techniques to decrease service time and overuse of hot tools
  • How to examine your guests’ inspiration images so you can recreate a specific style
  • The importance of a proper consultation and insight into product choices

(Also Available Virtually)


Advanced Finishing

Master advanced blow drying and finishing techniques to decrease your service time behind the chair. You’ll explore an ergonomically conscious system that delivers quality, polished results every single time.

Artist Outcomes:

  • Learn an ergonomically conscious system for finishing hair
  • Power dry importance and using it to achieve any result
  • Intro to techniques that allow you to control the hair and how to avoid the hair controlling you
  • Understanding of where the roots live and how to control where the ends fall
  • Skills to finish hair with a variety of brushes to eliminate relying on hot tools


Advanced Color Placement & Formulation

Discover the artistry of EuforaColor as you learn innovative sectioning, placement and formulation techniques to enhance the beauty of shapes cut into the hair. The timesaving, purposeful techniques you’ll learn can be used behind the chair, every day.

Artist Outcomes:

  • Advanced sectioning techniques to enhance color artistry
  • Innovative color application and placement techniques
  • Techniques and placements to create synergy with any cut
  • Best business practices to help increase your service dollars

(Also Available Virtually)


Balayage & Beyond

Explore the world of artistic, free-hand color placement and application techniques. You’ll learn how to break down these techniques into simple, replicable steps that can be executed seamlessly and immediately behind the chair.

Artist Outcomes:

  • Advanced balayage and hand-painting color techniques
  • Importance of toning and how to identify potential threats to the end results
  • Learn and gain confidence in micro toning and galvanizing
  • How to create depth and dimension for each unique client
  • Incorporating other techniques to compliment your balayage

(Also Available Virtually)


Color Correction

Take charge of corrective color services with the Eufora 5 step strategic approach. You’ll gain an in-depth understanding of the laws of color and how to apply them so you have creative control to transform your guests’ color.

Artist Outcomes:

  • The 5 Steps to Strategic Color Correction
  • A solid foundation in diagnosing color correction situations
  • Proven system to correct everything from long time box color use to unwanted brassiness
  • How to utilize the laws of color, the underlying pigment and the usage of EuforaColor Bases
  • How to carefully establish a new target color
  • Managing artistry timing and realistic guest expectations

(Also Available Virtually)


Trend Color Placements & Techniques

The Eufora Seasonal Trend Collection brings beauty from the influencers and trend makers around the world to inspire stylists behind the chair. Be creatively inspired as you learn new color placements and techniques to transform the latest trends from runway to real way.

Artist Outcomes:

  • Master fresh color placements & techniques
  • Transforming runway inspiration for wearable client looks


Technical Cutting
& The Business of Men’s Grooming

Discover what today’s man is looking for in their professional grooming’s more than just a haircut! You’ll learn a trend haircut utilizing core barbering skills as well as the Eufora proven system to attract and retain a male clientele. Leave with the skills and confidence to design customized looks for the men in your chair, and the business building strategies that will keep them coming back!

Artist Outcomes:

  • Proper use of the razor for cutting, texturizing and shaping
  • Wet vs. dry cutting and detail finishing
  • Classic barbering techniques and clipper cutting
  • Precision shear cutting
  • Styling & finishing techniques
  • Trend forecasting
  • Customized system for consistent, sought after services
  • Industry-innovative marketing approaches and business building practices

(Also Available Virtually)


Technical Men’s Cutting & Color Placement

Composition: to arrange the elements within a work of art to form a unified whole. Learn to combine men’s color and cutting techniques to design a cohesive look that complements a guest’s skin tone, face shape and head shape.

Artist Outcomes:

  • New cutting and barbering techniques you can use behind the chair, every day
  • Color placement techniques designed specifically for men
  • Use classic barbering skills to create a variety of contemporary men’s styles
  • Cut enhancments with EuforaColor formulations and techniques


Men's Fading

In this technique driven class, you’ll learn the fundamentals of fading and will master core barbering techniques to draft and build a customized haircut for any male guest! This class will take an in-depth dive into tool differences and styling tips &’s more than just a fade!

Artist Outcomes:

  • Advanced clipper cutting
  • Scissor over comb
  • Clipper over comb
  • Styling & finishing techniques
  • Tool maintenance & care

(Also Available Virtually)

Owners Think Tank


Recommended for Salon Owners

Are you living your dream? Do you feel personally and professionally fulfilled by your business? Have you mastered your people and systems? The role of a salon owner is one of great challenge and reward. How you show up for yourself and those around you will determine the overall success of your business. If you want to better understand your people, your path and your purpose, join us on a journey to find energy again and increase your passion for your business and this industry.

Artist Outcomes:

  • Regain the love for your business
  • Learn what is at the core of all great companies
  • Connect and collaborate with other salon owners who relate to your experiences
  • Be inspired and inspire those you lead

The Exceptional Salon Coordinator


Recommended for Salon Owners, Managers, and Coordinators

Embark on a journey to discover the powerful impact Salon Coordinators can have on the salon team and guests. Defining a great guest experience is the first step to providing the level of service we want to deliver to the guests who walk in the door of our salons. Attendees will identify and define a rewarding guest experience and create a plan to raise the level of professionalism in their salon. Gain understanding of how to affect the lives of the people they serve in a way which positively impacts the business of the salon and their future.

Elevate Your Career


Recommended for Salon Professionals

Elevate Your Career will provide a clear path to create the consistency necessary to increase financial success for hairstylists behind the chair. Through a clear system to create the ultimate consultation, increase pre-booking, service and retail sales, attendees will begin to establish the habits needed to grow their business and walk away with an action plan for success.

Retail Like a Pro


Recommended for Salon Professionals

Retail sales are directly correlated with higher guest retention, loyalty and trust. Retail Like a Pro takes you on a journey to break down any negative feelings surrounding selling. We will work through fears, shift perspectives and empower you with tools that will lead to more retail sales, ultimately resulting in elevated
levels of success.

Owners Independence


Recommended for Salon Owners

Want to create a salon that is less dependent on you while driving up its value and giving you more options for the future? Then it is time to choreograph new systematic approaches and good business strategies. Learn how successful entrepreneurs build value in their businesses creating wealth and freedom ultimately resulting in a company that is ready for anything.