Seasonal color series to inspire, ignite and invigorate your color business. Handcrafted by the EuforaColor Team, these collections will help you offer something new for your color guests.




Model Starting Level. Natural Level 6, grown-out blonde balayage.

Color Prime. Fill the hair to replace missing natural melanin on the previously lightened sections.

Mixing Ratio:
1 : 2

Color Prime Formula:
10 grams 7.3/7G
30 grams 8.42/8CV
80 grams Universal Cream Developer Volume 7 - 2.1% (not included in kit)

Color Prime Directions:
Pre-cleanse hair with Urgent Repair Shampoo or Color Prep Spray. (not included in kit)

Apply mixed formula from mid-lengths to ends and process for 10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly and towel dry.

Base. Balance and blend new growth.

Mixing Ratio:
1 : 1.5

Base Formula:
20 grams 4.01/4NA
40 grams 5.35/5GM
90 grams Universal Cream Developer 
Volume 15 - 4.5% 

Base Directions:
Apply to the new growth and blend out 1” to 1.5” off the scalp.

Pull Through. Create contrasting cool and warm tones for reflective opposition that indulgently enhances the cut.

Mixing Ratio:
1 : 1.5

Pull Through Formula 1:
20 grams 5.35/5GM
20 grams 5.4/5C
20 grams 5.66/5RR
90 grams Universal Cream Developer 
Volume 15 - 4.5%

Pull Through Formula 2:
10 grams 5.4/5C
10 grams 7.3/7G
40 grams 8.42/8CV
90 grams Universal Cream Developer 
Volume 15 - 4.5%


Pull Through Step 1. Carve out 1” wide section around the hairline. Create large triangle shaped sub-sections in this area following the shapes of the head. Alternate Pull Through Formulas 1 and 2 in each triangle section to accentuate the highs and lows of the tonality in each. 

Pull Through Step 2. Carve out a second ring (that is slightly smaller than the first section) with triangular sub-sections running parallel
to the first 1” section. Repeat application steps from the first step on this new section making sure to alternate colors with each other in opposition to the first section.

Pull Through Step 3. Continue with this placement technique to the top of the head until all hair has been colored. Each section ring, and subsequent triangle sub-sections, will become smaller as they move up to the top of the head. This will help with balanced placement and reflection.

Process for 30 minutes. Rinse and style.

4.01/4NA Medium Natural Ash Brown
No Ammonia - Green/Blue/Blue base. Designed for cool grey coverage with added control.

5.35/5GM Light Golden Mahogany Brown
No Ammonia - Gold/Red/Violet base. A blended composition that offers a deep warm richness. The red/violet secondary tone provides a mahogany coolness to this gold base.

5.4/5C Light Copper Brown
Low Ammonia - Copper/Red base. This fiery shade creates a reflection of orange/red.

5.66/5RR Light Intense Red Brown
Low Ammonia - Red base. Reflects a hint of violet (in the red reflection), keeping this shade cool.

7.3/7G Medium Golden Blonde
Low Ammonia - Gold base. Reflects a true gold with a hint of copper. Great base for creating more natural copper shades.

8.42/8CV Light Copper Violet Blonde
No Ammonia - Copper/Violet base. A blended composition that offers a rich, subdued copper tone. The violet secondary tone delivers considerable control, softening this copper-based shade.

AloeLite Cream Lightener
Included in this kit for pre-lightening as desired. Achieve up to 6 levels of evenly controlled lift with this creamy lightener. Mixing ratio is 1:2 (one-part lightener to 2-parts developer). Do not use 40 Volume Developer with Cream Lightener.

Universal Cream Developer Volume 15 - 4.5%
Designed to be precise in performance with exceptional versatility. Buffering fatty emollients from coconut and vegetable extracts work to support hair condition, softness and shine. Available in Volume: 5, 7, 10, 15, 20, 30, and 40.