Innovative Breakout Sessions

Pick your personal path to success with 12 breakouts designed to inspire and facilitate growth.

$150 each with purchase of General Admission

Trend Long Hair Design


Incorporating techniques taught in Eufora’s VIA-System Academy course, this on-trend cut brings a precision shape back to long hair.  Transform your clients with shoulder length and longer from long, straight and boring to this exciting contemporary design. 


shears, cutting comb, clips, comb out comb

Trend Short Hair Design


Put your advanced cutting skills to the test.  If you are a system trained stylist with command of your cutting tools, you will love this progressive shorter hair design that can be converted from avant garde to mainstream.


shears, 40 teeth texturizing shears, metal duck clips, cutting comb, barber comb, cordless trimmer

Master Formulation
- Trend Spring 2022


Take your Eufora Color expertise to the next level and enhance your creativity by understanding the vast possibilities of color. Learn how to infuse Trend Color Pantones, which set the stage for the season's color palette, into your work. Color artists will love this interactive approach to advanced EuforaColor formulation, giving them the knowledge to create anything they envision and for looks on trend for Spring 2022.


gloves, color apron

Trend Color Advanced Placement and Technique


Creating that dynamic signature design for your guest requires an understanding of placement and the architecture of the head shape. This hands-on workshop is for the color artist who is eager to take their color skills to the next level.  Learn contemporary placements and techniques for on trend looks that will “wow” your guests upon your return to the Salon. 


gloves, clips, comb, foiling comb, color apron, wide tooth comb

Transformation Cut and Color


There is nothing more powerful or rewarding than making a transformational change for your client.  This hands-on class gives you a unique, efficient approach to giving your client a fresh, new, high impact look.  Learn a quick color technique teamed up with an alluring contemporary layered cut that works with any color pallet and any length of hair.  All in under 2 and ½ hours! 


shears, razor, cutting comb, foiling comb, clips, color apron

Cultivate Your Texture Cutting and Styling


Clients are embracing their natural texture and curl more than ever.  Like every technical skill, cutting and styling curly and textured hair is one that can be mastered.  This hands-on class will elevate your skills and give you the confidence in your texture consultations, and in delivering a precision cut and style.


shears, clippers, flat iron, cutting comb, wide tooth comb, clips 

Men’s Tapers and Fades


Classic men’s techniques are always on trend and are essential skills in executing contemporary styles. This hands-on class focuses on tapers, fades and edging the hairline.  Gain confidence in these fundamental precision skills and take command of your clippers.


clippers with adjustable lever, guards #1, 2, 3, trimmers, clips, shears, cutting combs, straight razor, texturizing shears

$100 each with purchase of General Admission

Angie began her journey in the beauty and wellness industry in 2009 running her own coaching and wellness company. She discovered Eufora and quickly became passionate about the company's commitment to education. In 2013 she became a Eufora Salon Owner Network Facilitator and was then selected to join the Eufora Business Team in 2016. Her skills as a leader won her numerous accolades in coaching, an ESON Facilitator of the Year award, and lead her team to win a Top 200 Salon mention in both 2017 and 2018. She now travels and teaches full time as a Eufora National Trainer, sharing her passion for Eufora systems, tools and mentorship.


Love ‘em or Lose ‘em

Presented by Angie Lund

Eufora National Business Trainer

Recommended for salon owners and managers

Staff retention has always been a concern for Salon Owners.  Today, the challenge is greater than ever before.  Savvy owners know that their business thrives or dies on their ability to create a great place to work.  This class delivers smart and easy tools to build trust, enable performance, increase engagement, energize your team and retain top talent. Crack this leadership code and watch your business prosper.


Hunter Donia is a hairstylist and client experience expert based out of central PA. He is passionate about teaching beauty professionals how to grow their business by setting boundaries through automation and elevating the client experience.

A few years ago Hunter moved to a new area and was challenged with rebuilding his clientele from scratch. Using innovative social media marketing strategies and providing an extraordinary customer experience, within his first year in a new area, Hunter was booked out 3 solid months in advance.

In 2020, Hunter was recognized as the youngest up and coming hair colorist by BeautyLaunchPad, and in 2021 he was named in Modern Salon’s Top 100 and 15 Faces of Sola. He has presented at industry conferences across the nation and launched a business to educate hairstylists on how to leverage automation to set client boundaries and introduces fresh strategies that prevent behind the chair burn-out and drives business.


Building and Keeping Clients Through Social Media

Creating a Profitable Pre-Visit Experience

Presented by Hunter Donia

Industry and Eufora Educator

Discover how to effectively leverage social media to build an overflowing book with your ideal clientele. Hunter will share proven, actionable steps you can implement to create a guest experience that will blow the client away BEFORE they visit the salon!  Learn how to properly use Instagram and Facebook to represent your brand through strategic content and postings.  Learn Website Savvy and how to get them from your site to your door.

Recommended for all salon professionals


Blake has been leading others all his life.  He has lived his life to be a role model to others. He has endured a lot of hardship in his life, which he has learned lessons from to make himself better after each one.  He has learned how to be a resilient leader the hard way and now equips current and future leaders to better handle the adversity they will face at work and at home.

His corporate journey began in international logistics in 1995 after moving to Illinois from Alabama. After 10 years he transitioned into the field of export compliance for three different Fortune 500 companies. During this time, he earned a master’s degree in Training and Development. 

In 2012 Blake founded a non-profit that serves high school and college sports teams through leadership development, team building, and character development.  He’s a gifted professional speaker that shares compelling stories that motivates his audiences.

Blake has written two books, The Battle-Tested Teammate and The Battle-Tested Leader and is currently working on a third. He is passionate about pouring into others to help them to become the best versions of themselves and is always looking for ways to serve others in that way. He’s provided leadership coaching to many students and adults over the years and, in the latter half of his life, has decided to invest even more heavily into equipping current and future leaders. 

Blake is also a father of five, an endurance athlete, and a lover of college football.


Principles of the Battle-Tested Leader

Presented by Blake Williams

Leadership and Resilience Coach

Battle-Tested leaders have faced difficult challenges and are better prepared for the next battle. In this session we’ll equip and ignite the leader in you so that you not only lead yourself better, you lead others better.  Roll up your sleeves and get ready to establish principles through which you lead

Recommended for salon owners and managers


Meet Kristen Lumiere, Beauty Launchpad 30 Under 30 Colorist, Modern Salon’s Top 100 Artist and a 7x BTC One Shot Finalist. 

Kristen was born to the suburbs of San Diego County, transplanted to country life in Texas. When she’s not working, she’s spending time out on her ranch horsing around with her 2 beautiful kids, picking wild black berries, or riding her horse out on acres of beautiful Texas country. Life is short and living it unapologetically with no regrets is what she lives by.

Kristen has worked behind the chair since 2011, building/re-building a clientele 4 times in 3 different states. She learned how to do things the right way through trial and error and has been teaching her business & technical concepts to stylists around the world since 2017. 

Recently she finished construction on Lumiere House, her education space in Bastrop TX. Where she will help stylists like you achieve your dreams. She truly believes that when you help someone else be the best they can be, her greatest reward is just that. 


Navigating Sticky Situations

Presented by Kristen Lumiere

Beauty Launchpad 30 Under 30 Colorist, Modern Salon’s Top 100 Artist and a 7x BTC One Shot Finalist

When you work behind the chair, you are blessed with so many incredible experiences with your clients! Sometimes however, you have an unhappy client. Maybe the color didn’t come out how they wanted, their expectations weren’t realistic, or their family made them decide they don’t actually love their color. As stylists and business owners, we all have to deal with these awkward situations. In this class I will be teach you The 5 Steps To Resolve, my proven strategies that will help you navigate through those sticky client situations, like:

  1. credit card disputes
  2. bad reviews
  3. frequent messages
  4. letting a client go 
  5. and so much more

You will learn how to create closure for every sticky situation, no matter the outcome. Say hello to peace of mind and goodbye to those sleepless nights!

Recommended for all salon professionals


Ashley Toliver-Williams, Salon Industry Enthusiast and Co-Founder of FUSE REPUBLIC and Founder of FRINGE Salon and Color Bar, contributes a fresh take to the business of beauty. Determined to inspire change and increase professionalism in this industry, she devotes her time and energy to thinking outside the lines. Ashley’s belief that the hairdresser has a tremendous opportunity to affect positive change in this world inspires her to help grow the hearts and minds of the present and future of our industry. She is passionate about Eufora and our commitment to the elevation of salons and stylists in this industry.


Beyond the Great Resignation: How to build successful stylists fast

Presented by Ashley Toliver-Williams

FRINGE Salon and Color Bar, Founder

Onboarding and training was a challenge long before 'The Great Resignation'. Constant turnover, new generations of cosmetology students and a lack of preparedness out of school have made the In-Salon Training Program a pain point for even the strongest salons. What do you train on? How long should it be? How do you afford it? 

Whether you are rebuilding your team or just starting out, we will outline the elements of the most profitable training programs, what all hairdressers need to be successful behind the chair, and how to take what feels overwhelming and make it rewarding for everyone. Learn the key elements you need to have the most effective training program and the confidence to invest in your company's growth and the future of our industry. 

Recommended for salon owners and managers