The Break Even Analysis, Your Guide to a Profitable Salon  

Do you have any idea what the absolute minimum is that your business must bring in to pay all the bills? The point at which your business revenue and costs are equal, and you break even?

Commissions change, retail orders fluctuate, and expenses can vary throughout the year. It can be challenging to corral a number when there are so many moving pieces! It seems nearly impossible to nail down that number, right?

And the sad news is that statistics tell us 67% of salons are running unprofitable. That is a sobering number! Out of the 33% that are running profitable, most profits lie below 5%. 

So if you want to start thriving instead of just surviving… figuring out your finances is key! The Break Even Analysis of your business is the perfect starting point! 

This brand new white paper walks you through a step by step process to: 

This Break Even Analysis is broken down into 3 parts: 

  1. Analyze Your Income Statement
  2. Use The Break Even Formula 
  3. Discover How to Break Through to Profit