We’re here to help get your salon up and running in a BIG way with a comprehensive tool box full of valuable resources to feature and educate guests on fabulous Eufora CURL-friendly solution products.

Printable Merchandising Assets
8"x10" Display Card
8"x10" Display Card
4.25"x8" Display Card
4.25"x8" Display Card
5"x7" Bag Insert
5"x7" Bag Insert
5"x7" Mirror Cling
Web & Social Resources
Bag & Gifts
8"x10" Display Card
5"x7" Bag Insert
5"x7" Bag Insert

Introducing the all NEW

A NEW generation of naturally derived technology designed to maintain the integrity of the scalp and hair strand during processing.

  • Natural Looking Bounce, Curl and Wave
  • Thio, Ammonia, MEA, AMP and Sodium Hydroxide FREE
Virtual Planning Session

Join Eufora Director of Sales: North America, John Cutrone, for a virtual salon planning session that will guide you through the new Eufora Beauty Bag Campaign.


In case you want to customize your viewing experience, below you will find some of the key segments time stamped for your convenience!

(0:00) Opening with John Cutrone
(0:53) Welcome Tricia Westlind and Nola Orr
(1:20) Consumer Facts
(3:02) Current Voice
(4:37) Future Voice
(5:22) Top Sellers Analysis
(8:24) Eufora 2021 Strategy + Beauty Bag
(12:22) 2021 Calendar
(13:25) Waves Curls & Coils - Bag 1
(15:15) Fine, Thin & Thinning - Bag 2
(17:02) Style Station Spotlight
(17:36) REform Waving System Launch
(18:11) Digital Asset Page Walkthrough