Wanderlust Spring / Summer 2018

Embrace Self-Expression

Discover a sanctuary of unexpected shapes and color. Transformational musings that encourage a sense of playful self-expression. Explore new paths. Embrace the journey. The color palette chosen breaks free from tradition. Warm variations of gold supported by playful cool pastels offer an interesting juxtaposition of tones. Whispers of contrasting tones work in perfect balance to create unusual harmony.

Crescent placements, inspired by desert sand dunes, provide movement only seen with curved lines that replicate hair in motion.

Whether it’s a weekend staycation or an international conquest, the independent woman shows up strong and stands out this season, taking short hair from boyish to bombshell.  Iconic lines of short cuts popular in the 90’s re-emerge as modern and magical when embellished with soft shades of a desert sunrise. Shining pale pinks and blue greens in harmony with the color of golden sand showcase a new color application, the sand dune technique, which creates a surprising kaleidoscope of color as light reflects off the hair.

– Dee Fortier, Artistic Director

Spring brings change and the long bob is the first stop on the journey from long to short(er) hair. Angled from the back and layered underneath the top layer… the cut looks seamless when parted naturally, but a side part makes it more playful, exposing unexpected shorter layers. An infusion of color pops create a mirage of desert tones. Yellow, faded green and sky blue emphasize the layers and gives the wearer options for expressing her many different moods.

– Mirza Batanovic, Style Director

Gamine crops, short rounded bobs and one-eyed pixies, this spring is noticeably the season of short hair.   Whimsical, flowing fashions juxtaposed against clean, fresh edged cuts implies strength, and rounded lines create movement. Gender fluid style reveals a girlish essence with crescent shaped splicing of tender sunset hues – rosy pink tones floating on cool bronze – all finished with a sensitive hand for fluidity.

– Philip Carreon, Creative Director